Who we are

We are a niche Leadership Training and Development consultancy, specialising in Entrepreneurial Leadership support for diverse senior leaders within high growth companies, and professional services firms.

We understand that your business is growing and ambitious. But we know how difficult it is to bring your executive and leadership teams with you on the journey.

Good talent is hard to find and expensive to replace, so harnessing the potential of diversity and innovation within your existing team, is a more tangible way to accelerate growth.

That is where we excel.

With over 15 years of award-winning experience of developing diverse leaders combined with practical business knowledge, we focus on helping you to make diversity and entrepreneurship become real, developing innovative solutions that unlock innovation, drive inclusion throughout your organisation and link to both commercial growth.

Our real expertise lies in our ability to connect with people, utilising our interactive programmes to create safe spaces for authentic support, constructive challenge and the creation of entrepreneurial mindsets focused on solving real issues and problems in your business.

Over the years, our experience has enabled us to work on a range of projects – from running bespoke diversity programmes with talented leaders within global firms, advising business support organisations on their SME scale up strategies, right through to running senior leadership and enterprise development programmes in schools, we understand the importance of nurturing the talent of tomorrow, today.

We ensure that our experience is cross sector and multi-layered, ensuring that entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion remain an integrated part of our DNA!

We exist to help you do more and be moreĀ  – so let’s have a chat and see what we can create, together!

Also, your views are important to us, so please feel free to leave a general comment below to share your views on why you think it is important to develop more entrepreneurial teams!