C8SV Tool

Making Financial Sense

We measure the social impact that your company creates, and the equivalent financial benefit that it adds to your company bottom line. There are over 1000 CSR & Social Impact measurement tools in the market. We know, as we researched them all.

Our C8SV Tool is fast, easy to use, scalable, objective and can be tailored to the bespoke needs of your business. The C8SV articulates your return on social investment by:

  • Measuring and reporting your companies’ social impact in £’s figures
  • Measuring your social impact as a % of your companies’ overall net worth
  • Benchmarking your company against your competitors and across private, public and third sectors seamlessly

Using key data specific to your business, the C8SV also generates what we call your S/E Ratio for your company or Social Earnings Ratio, similar to the P/E that measures your price to earnings ratio.

We also do more than just measure data – in conjunction with our other packages, we can also support, empower and develop your staff to be a part of your company’s social legacy!

Cultiv8 Solution’s C8SV tool is endorsed by a consortium of 24 leading UK Universities and Business Schools, reports data in the global accepted XBRL format, using the latest GRI-4 template (Global Reporting Initiative) and is compliant with IIRC (The International Integrated Reporting Council) for Social Impact.

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