About Us

About us

Founded in 2005 by our down to earth, award-winning
Chief Executive Joel Blake AGP

Cultiv8 Solutions is a leading CSR Advisory Firm. We are based in the Colmore Business District, City Centre, Birmingham UK. We have been bridging the gap between the worlds of commerce and communities for the past 15 years, and our expertise is built upon practical, grass roots, cross sector experience. We love to work with:

Credible Companies – Striving for more than profit. With a conscience and genuine desire to give to society, and retain the foundations that make them who they are.

Innovative Investors – Making their money go further. People who are no longer driven by profit and want to leave a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Noble Networks – Champions of Impact Investment. Industry networks and associations who connect financial investment and growth opportunities, with sustainable social impact.

Empowering Educators – Connecting learning with life. Academic leaders who strive to maximise potential through knowledge transfer.