Your business has the potential. We can help you maximise it.

Business is always evolving.

Forward-thinking companies understand that harnessing diversity, to build inclusive diverse workforces is not enough, when it comes to achieving long-term growth.

Diverse innovation lies in the minds of diverse people. Implementing new ways of thinking, of being, of doing speaks volumes. At Cultiv8 Solutions, we are fluent in the language of business and personal development, providing the interactive expertise and bespoke support that you need, to combine diversity with entrepreneurship in ways that fuel your strategic growth.

Our services are designed to achieve one thing.

Success, your way.

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Cultiv8 Solutions is a Business Diversity consultancy with a difference. We are based in the Colmore Business District, City Centre, Birmingham UK. We have been bridging the gap between the worlds of personal development and business growth for the past 10 years, working with professional service firms, universities and entrepreneurs.

Our expertise is built upon practical, grass roots, cross sector experience, driven by our CEO’s passion, to be the best that we can be to help you to do the same.


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How we work

Our values form our process of working with our customers.


We say -  Know who you are, where you are going, what matters to you, what resources you have, what you say and who to. We do.

Actions - Contact us, to learn how you can keep it real

We can - Give you the confidence to be you, and use that to achieve extraordinary things!



We cultivate growth as a responsible business, from strong roots, vision and purpose.

Actions - Contact us, to put in place innovate long-term strategic plans, that business and personal growth.

We can - Define key actions to increase your value to your staff, to create the impact you want.



We don’t come in to break everything apart, we come to make it work better. That means organic evolution based on the facts.

Action - Contact us, to bring your plans to life through targeted actions, programmes and initiatives.

We can - Activate networks, ideas and solutions to create maximum impact with minimum disruption.




 The big I. I’m-possible. Anything is possible when you make decisions based on their impact. 

Action - Contact us, so together we can truly understand what drives you, them, us. Bottle it. Keep it.

We can - Provide ongoing analysis and improvement plans to maintain and grow, your way.



What people have to say about Cultiv8 Solutions...

"Joel is a dedicated professional who has the needs of those whom he represents close to his heart. He can be relied upon to liaise between the community and business in an effective, passionate and responsible manner."

Nigel Boatswain

Europe Channel Director - Apple

“Companies must take the lead in bringing business and society back together... The solution lies in the principle of shared value, creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society... the next major transformation of business thinking.”

Michael Porter

Harvard Business School

“I have known Joel for a while and he has fast become a genuine and trusted friend. He has endless energy and enthusiasm, always has time to listen and often has good advice or a contact to help.”

Jamie Davies

Assistant Vice-President - JP Morgan

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